Alliance for Industrial Efficiency

Our former client, David Gardner & Associates, came to us to help with a new venture, The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency. The Alliance is a coalition of business, labor, and non-profit organizations who advocate for policies to increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through industrial energy efficiency.

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Branding Efficiency

Our challenge was to first create a brand that represented their coalition’s commitment to continually improving industrial energy efficiency and the environment. We landed on an abstract mark that represents the group’s mission to come together and reach these goals.

Planning A Resource System

The coalition’s success is dependent around being able to distribute a variety of resources to organizations to support expanded awareness of industrial efficiency.

The Alliance needed a solution that would enable them to easily add, update, and maintain resources and allow users to be able to find relevant resources quickly.

We collaborated to create a resource library that enabled the Alliance to quickly and easily maintain resources on the backend. In addition, we created a user-friendly front-end experience that allowed users to quickly find resources through a global search, and filtering options of both the resource subjects and resource types. To further aid the user experience, we created a custom icon set so users can quickly identify the resource type.