The Audio Visual and Integrate Experience Association is the largest Association in the world. Their focus is to bring together AV professionals the further share knowledge and education to continuously evolve the AV field. They approached us with the challenge of redefining their brand to reflect the shifting industry and appeal to both younger and older generations.

Strategy, Repositioning, and Renaming

First there was Infocomm

Infocomm grew organically with the evolution of the audio visual industry becoming the largest AV Association in the world. Over time it became clear that their organic success was aging and younger audience was showing less interest.

Creating a strategy to attract new and existing markets.

Through a strategic process, Ripe discovered Infocomm’s root problems and built a plan for future success. We interviewed key stakeholders at Infocomm, their members & other AV professionals to determine what parts of the Infocomm brand resonated, & what didn’t. The outcome was new, more inclusive, brand messaging that targeted both their existing members & a younger audience of AV professionals.

AVIXA reaches the audience where Infocomm can’t

To most effectively attract all audiences, it was clear we needed to change the name to reflect the new brand. The name needed to encompass the existing members as well as the new younger audience. Thus Audio Visual and Integrate Experience Association or AVIXA was chosen.

Brand Activation

Planning a system for brand activation & internal buy in

To effectively release the new brand we worked with AVIXA over the course a year to strategically plan the release of the brand. We developed a comprehensive environmental branding system throughout AVIXA’s headquarters to both gain internal buy in and empower the AVIXA team with the new brand.