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We’re a visual branding studio. We’ve been collaborating with clients for over twenty years to create holistic brand experiences with a personal touch. Let’s put our minds together.


As a young, fresh and fun taco shop in San Diego, Puesto needed a brand that reflected their personality. Co-founders Eric and Alan Adler were inspired by Mexican street food and we were inspired by Mexico’s rich and colorful visual tradition.

Behind every great logo is a thousand rejected concepts
We worked closely with the Puesto team – sketching, reviewing, modifying, and discarding dozens of concepts before settling on a beautifully hand lettered mark accompanied by a robust and playful system of icons for Puesto’s menu items.
Packaging that’s easy on the eyes
Large swaths of bold color quickly became one of Puesto’s core visual treatments. As the piece of branding people are most likely to take with them, we wanted to make sure Puesto’s packaging reflected the full spectrum of their rich palette.
Brand consistency in the physical environment
By working closely with the Adler brothers and their interior designers, we were able to inject Puesto’s personality into every nook and cranny of their space. From custom signage to simple and usable menu boards to color matched lighting fixtures, Puesto’s locations are deeply branded. We even went as far as to customize their Boylan soda fountain graphics!
Recognizable and enjoyable promotional materials
Puesto’s promotional package includes a wide range of items including t-shirts, brochures, pins, ads and more. Always trying to find a way to reflect Puesto’s playful nature, we turned a bunch of their icons into a sticker set for kids (which can most likely be found stuck to the window in Mom and Dad’s car).
A restaurant website that doesn’t suck
Puesto’s web presence focuses not only on brand consistency, but on delivering a streamlined and extremely user-friendly experience to visitors. A responsive design allows the site to look its best regardless of the user’s device, and content is targeted to help users make the decisions they’re there to make. Visit EatPuesto.com »


eLife is a scientific publishing organization which emphasizes and provides open access to publicly funded research. With the goal of shaking up the academic publishing field, eLife asked us to help inject some needed disruption into a centuries-old industry.

A brand inspired by life
Departing from the stuffy, often antiquated visual vernacular common to academia, the eLife brand embraces change with clean lines and a colorful palette. Organic shapes reference eLife’s foundation in the life sciences without pigeonholing the organization into any one field.
Replacing complexity with visual simplicity
In an industry where data is king, promotional messaging is often lost in a sea of text, numbers and figures. On the other hand, eLife’s promotional materials deliver concise messaging in an exceedingly simple format which allows viewers space to breathe.
Interactive, user-friendly science
eLife’s first initiative, a self-titled digital journal covering the life sciences, is the product of close collaboration with eLife’s interactive team. From wireframes to final production, our focus was always on providing users with an exceedingly simple, clean and legible reading experience. Visit the eLife Journal »

American Marketing Association

Turning 80 is sort of a big deal, no less so for an organization than a person. The DC chapter of the American Marketing Association asked us to help celebrate their 80th anniversary with a brand refresh and we were happy to oblige.

Celebrate the past, but don’t forget the future
Looking forward to the future was just as important to AMA DC as appreciating their rich past. Thus their new mark references both while keeping the focus firmly in the present. By employing a timeless color palette and simple typography, the AMA DC brand feels at home no matter the era.
Mixing mediums and generations
Crisply defined regions of color mixed with gritty dot-patterened photography allows AMA DC’s collateral to bridge the gap between the analogue and digital generations.
Balancing visual interest with content emphasis
Celebrating DC’s top marketers was a core theme during AMA DC’s 80th year. A well organized event program and insert in the Washington Business Journal helped acknowledge their success. Tastefully understated, these pieces allowed the winners, not the design to take center stage

Selected Brands

Over the years ripe has worked with hundreds of clients across a multitude of industries. We believe the solution to any visual branding dilemma can be found in simple, clean and honest design. Below is a small sample of how we boil an organization’s culture down into a unique, refined trademark.

Interested in seeing more of our work? Get in touch, we’d love to share our favorite projects!

Art of Peace
Art of Peace

Art of Peace

Services: Branding, Interactive, Print, Promotional

First Person Politics
First Person Politics

First Person Politics

Services: Branding, Interactive, Print

42 Degrees Catering
42 Degrees Catering


Services: Branding, Environmental, Interactive, Promotional



Services: Branding, Environmnetal

Europe PMC
Europe PMC

Europe PMC

Services: Branding, Interactive

Lindsay Buckingham Palace
Lindsay Buckingham Palace

Lindsey Buckingham Palace

Services: Branding, Environmnetal, Interactive, Print

Thinking Hire
Thinking Hire


Services: Branding, Environmental, Interactive, Print



Services: Branding, Environmnetal

Steak & Ice
Steak & Ice

Steak & Ice

Services: Branding, Environmental, Interactive, Print

Washington's Green Grocer
Washington's Green Grocer

Washington’s Green Grocer

Services: Branding, Interactive, Packaging, Print

Architectural Ceramics
Architectural Ceramics

Architectural Ceramics

Services: Branding, Print

Smith Commons
Smith Commons

Smith Commons

Services: Branding, Environmnetal, Interactive, Print, Promotional

Our Services

A successful brand isn’t just a pretty logo; it’s a consistent, coherent visual system applied across all your communication mediums. At ripe we offer a range of services in support of the beautiful brands we create.


The core of your organization’s visual identity is its brand. Encompassing color palette, typography, graphic treatments and of course your logo, a good brand is your organization’s visual voice.


Your online presence is often the first interaction a user will have with your brand. Creating brand consistent and extremely usable interactive products is key to building lasting relationships with your audience.


From truck wraps to signage to welcome mats, we have extensive experience when it comes to designing, producing and consulting on how your brand can extend into the real world.


In our increasingly digital world, a beautiful printed piece leaves a lasting impact like never before. Be it a business card, event invitation, menu or anything else with ink on paper, we can make your content sing.


From a user’s perspective, the design that contains your product can be almost as important as the product itself. We pride ourselves on creating easy to use and well designed packaging people won’t want to throw away.


Your brand is nothing if no one knows about it. We have vast experience designing promotional items that people will hold onto for years to come and have great working relationships with quality, reliable vendors.


Since 1990 we’ve been designing, coding and generally having a grand old time in our renovated brownstone studio in Logan Circle. Stop by and say hello to our studio mascots Yimmy and Udon, who may or may not actually be the brains behind ripe.

Yimmy the cat
Udon the cat


Tomas Snoreck

Tomás Snoreck
Creative Director

Tomás began his design career by helping launch USA Today and spent many years working as a senior designer and creative director at several firms around DC before founding ripe in 1990. With a strong grounding in both branding and traditional print mediums, Tomás is the creative backbone of the studio.

Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton
Senior Designer

Ian started working with ripe as an intern in 2006 and has stuck around ever since. After coding his first rudimentry website in the late 90s, he continued to hone his skills in both design and development until he became the übergeek he is today. Don’t ask him about the importance of usable design unless you want your ear talked off.

Kelly Haney

Maryam Seifi
Strategist + Designer

Maryam brings a strong background in branding, publication, graphic and industrial design to the ripe team. She enjoys carrying strategic brand consistency throughout all client work. She believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to both design and life. Her uniquely broad knowledge in design lends a fresh take on client projects.

Emi MacLeod

Emi MacLeod
Graphic Designer

Emi hails from Japan, Scotland, and a handful of other places, but they say home is where the heart is – and most nights Emi is putting heart into her work at ripe. She specializes in well-crafted print design with a touch of environmental and web. Turn to her if you’re looking for sophisticated work forged from blood, sweat and tears, along with some earl grey and chocolate to fuel the creative flames.

Paul Best

Paul Best
Interactive Designer

Paul is just a Midwestern guy who likes to build things that work well and look good. He enjoys the big picture – product design, user experience, and storytelling. He gets just as excited about typefaces as he does about cutting-edge CSS and user research. If you couldn’t tell already, he’s kind of a nerd when it comes to this stuff.

Kelly Haney

Kelly Haney
Office Manager

Kelly is ripe’s left-brained finance and admin person trying to survive amongst a world of right-brained artists. She handles the number crunching and bookkeeping as well as an endless chasm of other tasks. The designers love her type-A, business-like presence, yet run from her when she comes looking for that receipt from lunch.

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We are currently looking for a paid intern who’s interested in joining a creative studio that’s doing fantastic work for clients locally and across the globe. This is an in-studio position.

Please take note! Due to our small team size we’re extremely picky when it comes to interns and do not necessarily hire an intern every semester.

About you

We’re looking for a college student or recent grad who wants to get a taste of what it’s like to design in the real world. You should be studying (or should have a degree in) design or a related art field, and a strong desire to pursue a career in design. If you’re still trying to figure out whether or not this field is for you, this position probably isn’t.

You should have a basic understanding of design principles and theory, typography, and hopefully a little web experience (if your professors aren’t teaching you web, tell them they should)! Also, and perhaps most importantly, you should be easy-going but you should still have a strong work ethic.

Necessary Skills
  • A good understanding of design principles and theory
  • Experience with HTML, CSS & Javascript preferred. Keep in mind, being able to make a page in Dreamweaver using all their little tools does not equal HTML or CSS experience.
  • Experience in the following programs: Adobe Creative Suite (including Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash)
  • Experience working in Mac OS X
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Good organizational and communication skills
How to apply

Submit your resume and cover letter to createwithus@ripe.com. You must include a digital portfolio with no less than 3 samples of previous work. Please profide a brief description of your involvement with each project. Applications without a portfolio will be ignored!

No phone calls please, we’re really busy! If you have questions feel free to email us or hit us up on Twitter @ripe.

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